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How it all Began


In 2013, Jeff Schroeder volunteered to help the Jerome Food Ministry with their 1st annual Hollies Fish Fillet Follies. Where they coordinated with 2 different Idaho Fish & Game Hatcheries to receive over 600 wild steelhead trout and distributed them to those in need.

Seeing the use of wild game, that would have otherwise been lost turned into food for those in need a-bringing-together of the community, inspired Schroeder to look into what other opportunities were available for this win-win program.

After visiting with his local regional office of Fish & Game office he was directed to the Clearwater Region where he was introduced to Terri Binkley and Idaho Hunters Feeding the Hungry.

In 2002 Terri formed IHFH, inspired from her grandmother’s words of “Waste not want not”. She helped passed legislation that provided the funding and established the nonprofit status.

Terri’s professional career and health was changing and she was trying to decide what to do with IHFH when Schroeder called. The timing was perfect and within months the process was complete for Jeff to take over all operations of Idaho Hunters Feeding the Hungry.


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Help IHFH Feed the Hungry. We are accepting meat donations as well as money donations to help pay for the processing of donated wild game and we need your support.