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For Americans, December ‘tis the season to be jolly – and charitable. In fact, of the more than $358 billioni donated by Americans in 2014, over 17% was given in Decemberii. And why not? With December comes holiday cheer, feelings of generosity, and a contagious desire to help those in need who might not otherwise be able to share in the joys of the holidays. Of course, there’s also that small detail about donations being tax-deductible.

But here in Idaho, this isn’t such a small detail after all. According to the Chronicle of Philanthropy, Idahoans give a median contribution of $4,208 – ranking the Gem State seventh in the nation in terms of the percentage of adjusted gross income given to charityiii. In other words, since gifts to certified charitable organizations qualify donors for deductions against their income tax, it makes sense for the average Idahoan to use charitable donations to populate their list of itemized deductions this coming tax season. And because it’s the altruistic thing to do, of course.

So, for Idahoans who are looking for an IRS-approved, non-profit organization to donate to this December, Idaho Hunters Feeding the Hungry is an excellent choice. Not only would they be giving to a certified non-profit organization, thereby ensuring that their donations are tax deductible, but all donations IHFH receives are used to accomplish one of the most important goals of charity – the alleviation of hunger.

“Most of our funds go toward the processing of wild game, and paying processors for that service,” said Executive Director of IHFH, Jeff Schroeder, “but for 2016 we are also looking to create more awareness through both print and electronic media. Currently we operate in just two of the seven administrative regions of the Idaho Fish and Game – the Clearwater and Magic Valley regions – and we need to reach out to processors in the other regions.”

Although the majority of donations to IHFH currently originate from the $1 donations given by hunters when they apply for an Idaho hunting license, there are many other ways Idahoans can donate to this cause, and help IHFH spread awareness about hunger in Idaho.

For example, Seann Sweeney of Community Action Partnership Association of Idaho (CAPAI) recently wrote a grant for IHFH to be used in the development and distribution of a tri fold brochure: “We are working with CAPAI and the Idaho Food Bank in developing this brochure with the intent of distributing it to their partner agencies throughout the state of Idaho,” Schroeder commented.

“We are also looking for corporate or other sponsors for events we may be holding,” Schroeder explained. “One of the things we are looking for is the donation of an enclosed trailer to be used at different sportsmen events, so our name will be exposed to those people, as well as for the transportation of wild game donations when necessary.”

These are just a few examples of possible ways people can help support IHFH. Schroeder invites anyone who would like to explore more donation options to simply contact him for more information. “If anyone would like to donate individually, or sponsor an event from which the proceeds go to IHFH, they can explore the options provided on the Idaho Hunters Feeding the Hungry website, or contact me through the website,” he said.

So, for all you generous souls out there looking for a worthy, IRS-approved charity to donate to this December, make sure Idaho Hunters Feeding the Hungry is at the top of your list. As a result, you could pay fewer taxes and simultaneously satisfy that warm, fuzzy feeling of generosity that is surely welling up inside of you as the holidays approach.

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